Presence on Platform: Confident Communication

Workshop Saturday 30 September 2017


Led by Spiritual Medium and Personal Development Coach, Stephanie Barrows, ISM, RAM

Woodford Spiritualist Church, 9 Grove Crescent,

South Woodford E18 2JR

This workshop is for anyone looking to increase their confidence and presence when public speaking. We will be strengthening connections to our higher selves, personal guides, spirit communicators and inspirational guides to improve our awareness of the presence of spirit as well as the confidence and stage presence to deliver the messages and information we are given in an effective manner suitable for a variety of audiences.

This will be an opportunity to practice public speaking and share some tips on how to engage your audience as you work for spirit. The workshop is designed to support people of all levels of experience from non-mediums or those with ‘little or no experience’ (including those at the beginning of their spiritual development), fledgling mediums, and more experienced mediums who would welcome opportunities to practice public mediumship within a non-judgmental and supportive group. You can then take the skills learned from communicating with spirit and apply them to your everyday life as well, whether speaking to small groups or larger audiences.

All are welcome to come along and enjoy these practical exercises to increase your confidence in your communication. No experience necessary.

Price: £5 members / £6 non-members (cash payable on the door).

Tea, coffee and water are provided.

This is a 3 hour workshop. We will have a 20 minute comfort break mid-way through, so if you wish to eat then, please bring something with you as there won’t be an opportunity to go out to buy food until after the workshop.

Feel free to come along for a coffee and chat with friends old and new from 11.45 so that we start at 12.00 prompt!

More Events to be announced soon.

Please fill in the Enquiries form if you would like to be advised of forthcoming workshops and appearances or would like Stephanie to run these or similar workshops for your groups or organisations. Prices upon application and dependent upon dates and venues.

In the meantime, the following is a series of workshops recently run in London. The meditations and exercises are tailored by my guides for Absolute Beginners through to Experienced Mediums. So whether you are just interested in learning how spirit communicates with a medium, a private sitter or an audience and how you can receive and understand these messages, or whether you wish to develop your own spiritual awareness and/or mediumship. spirit works with everyone who attends these workshops to get what they need on the day at the right level for them to progress further on their spiritual paths.

Link in to LUCK Part 1

Linking in with your higher self and guides to identify what your soul desires and how to be LUCK-y on your life path

Link in to LUCK Part 2

Linking in with your higher self and guides, using LUCK to manifest and maintain the changes you want in your life time

Communicating with Confidence

“I don’t know whether it’s just me thinking, or whether it’s spiritual communication…”

During the workshops, I work with my guides to do some meditations and group exercises to help participants recognise when they are receiving communication from their own guides, how to give messages to others and how to receive messages from mediums, both as private sitters and in a public demonstration. Everyone’s mediumship and understanding of spirit is individual to them, so we explore some tips and guidance on how to make the most of spiritual communication.

Change in Stages Workshop

If your Fairy Godmother were to grant you three wishes and money and time were no object, what would you really like to achieve in your lifetime?

  • Raise your self-awareness and get help and support from your guides as you achieve your life's purpose.
  • Identify and understand the stages to achieving and maintaining the changes you want.
  • Meditations / visualisations, group and individual exercises will help you connect to your higher self, empowering, motivating and inspiring you to take the next steps towards what you really want.

Identifying and Achieving your Life’s Purpose

“Be the change you want to see in the world” 

Individual and group spiritual/coaching exercises using tools and techniques to help identify our reasons for ‘being’, raise awareness of our minds, bodies and souls, our roles in the world and unlock our potential to achieve everything we truly desire.

Whether this is your first time at this workshop or you've attended before, you will gain more self-awareness and help and support to achieve your life's purpose.

Dream Connections: Parts 1 and 2

With Spiritual Medium,Stephanie Barrows, ISM, RAM

Dream Connections / Synchronicity Part 1

Never enough hours in the day to achieve what you want? Struggling to find answers? What if you don't know what to do about an issue or how to turn your dreams and ideas into reality? Who do you know who does or might do? What if you could utilise your sleeping life to create solutions? Via short talks, meditations and practical exercises, explore the 6 degrees of spiritual connection in the dream world/on the astral planes to find those answers and understand the synchronicities. Will also include a short introduction to setting intents, lucid dreaming and keeping dream diaries prior to Part 2

Dream Connections / Synchronicity / Lucid Dreaming Part 2

A short recap on Part 1 (to refresh our memories and to welcome any new attendees) and feedback on progress over the past few weeks leads into some more work on dream connections/synchronicities and recording them. Short talks, guided meditations and practical exercises also focus on what our dreams are telling us, how to think outside the box re. synchroncities and how to enjoy and practice lucid dreaming to work with our higher consciousness and those in the spirit realms to turn whatever we wish for into reality more quickly and easily than by ourselves.

Spring Clean with Spirit and Clear your Pathway to Progress

An opportunity to Spend some ‘Me’ and ‘Us’ time with your higher self and spiritual guides – declutter mind-chatter, ditch the detritus and spruce up your Spiritual Sparkle.