Stephanie Barrows

Coach for Spirit

Like the billions of people who've inhabited this beautiful planet, have you ever asked yourself "Why am I here"?

My view is we are all here to learn those physical lessons we want to experience in order to progress on our spiritual paths: lessons of ego or self and free will. I also believe that before we arrive at this Earth school, we 

have a plan of what we would like to achieve during our life time before we return to the spirit world. How does that sound? You may choose to agree or disagree with me. What do you intuitively feel?

However, upon arrival, we seem to forget "Why we are here", and often find ourselves repeatedly facing the same issues, situations and relationships wondering "Why?" and "How can we change 'it' or other people?"

Well, first the bad news. The vast majority of the time we CAN'T change external situations or other people to our own will.

The GOOD NEWS is that, with positive behaviours, beliefs and thinking, we CAN choose to change how we view ourselves and how we react to others and situations. We CAN be the change we want to see in the world. When we have changed and learned the lessons from these relationships and situations, our lives change and we no longer find ourselves facing the same issues.

So why am I here?

Like everybody else, I have personal lessons to learn and goals to achieve. Through connecting to higher consciousness, I also know that one of my soul purposes in this lifetime is to work with individuals, groups and organisations to enable them to reach their full potential whilst achieving their spiritual goals.

Trusting that spirit loves us unconditionally and will guide and encourage us, helping us to get from where we are now to where we want to be, I work with you to help unlock the potential (whatever your abilities and beliefs) using meditation, mediumship, coaching and training.

Just take a moment to think about what life would look, sound and feel like if everything was 10/10.

How would you like to achieve whatever your mind, body and soul truly desires? Find out more